Monday, August 2, 2010

Disrespect my Authority

HEY PORT AUTHORITY OF ALLEGHENY COUNTY, thanks a million for hiking up rider fees and transfer costs these past two years only to propose the most significant cuts to your service routes in nearly 60 years. You're cutting T and bus services by 35%?!?! What in God's name is WRONG with you? Yes, selfishly I hate you more than anything in the world because you're cutting my two lines to get to work forcing me to take a shady bus that is already full to standing room only by my stop (28 stops away from the city, mind you)... but you're cutting lines to places like Oakland, Squirrel Hill, Lawrenceville and more.  You're also proposing jumping the "less used routes" to $4 per one-way trip? That completely negates the entire purpose of utilizing public transportation.  People are going to start driving and parking in Station Square for $5 where you won't see a dime of that money.  A bit counter-productive, don't you think?  Keep talking, Ravenstahl, about how badly you want to bring people in to the city to work, live and play.  Then tax those of us who work within city limits and charge us more to take the bus.  Now I know, it isn't you who's behind this PAT nonsense. Steve Bland, you jackass. Quit blaming the government for not granting you millions of dollars to fix your debt problem.  We're already paying $80/month -- which is more expensive than any other far more efficient public transportation system in the country -- doesn't that cover some of your shenanigans? You're also paying your bus drivers (who have no education past high school) over $130K WITH PENSION PLANS. It's not the government's fault you piece of crap it's yours.  Do you dig your hole with a gilded shovel?  Your inadequacy, stupidity and lack of responsibility really steams my clams.

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