Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

HEY E-Z RENTACAR, when you claim  your rentals are $16 and I rent one for two days, elementary math tells me that's gonna come out to $32!  Now, I wasn't born yesterday.  I know $16 does not include "service fees" and "insurance fees" and "someone famous may have driven this car so we have to bump up your fee" fees. I knew it was going to be more slightly expensive. But when I get there, you tell me the car you reserved for me isn't ready but you're switching it out, I ask how much it's going to cost me and you ensure me "nothing extra at all" I EXPECT NOT TO PAY ANYTHING EXTRA AT ALL.  You're ridiculous $217.41 charge for 2 days worth of renting a $16/day car REALLY steams my clams!

**Update:  the large charge wound up being a mistake and an additional mileage charge (which I'd opted out of by filling up the gas tank upon returning the car).  They removed both charges after a very nasty e-mail from yours truly without much argument -- but still. I shouldn't have that charged on my card in the first place. It steamed my clams.